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  • Seminary Weekend is a time when you can consider your personal sense of call and discover what it’s like to nourish your leadership skills through one of our three basic degree programs:

    • Master of Divinity
    • Master of Arts in Practical Theology (or Dual MDIV/MAPT) and
    • Master of Arts (Theological Studies)
    You will experience a "day in the life" of a student as well as the opportunity to talk with professors and visit a class. You’ll also be given an overview of admissions, financial planning and on-campus housing. Come be a part of the Columbia community for a weekend of discovery and discernment.
    • Seminary Weekend begins at 8am on Friday, Nov. 10th and ends at approximately 2pm on Saturday, Nov. 11th. 
    • For details, see our Tentative Schedule. Please note that different course offerings and minor changes may occur.
    • There is no charge for a Seminary Weekend, which includes lodging and meals.
    • A limited number of rooms are available on campus and they must be reserved in advance with the Admissions office. Please plan to have a roommate if you are coming alone.We are sorry, but there are no accommodations on campus for childcare. If you desire to bring your children on your visit, we suggest a custom, individual visit instead. Spouses/caregivers may accompany and care for children at Seminary Weekend if desired. 
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    • Advanced degrees are not featured during Seminary Weekend

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      Church History
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      Pastoral Care
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      Sports & Recreation
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    Whether you stay on campus or not, all meals that occur during the programmed time of Seminary Weekend will be provided on campus.
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    • Hold down CTRL to select multiple days. Lodging on campus is complimentary but also subject to availability. Please note you may have another attendee as a roommate.

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    If you don't have flight information yet, you may edit this or contact us at a later when you do. Plan to fly to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Please note that the weekend officially begins on Friday morning. If you desire airport pickup, contact the Office of Admissions no later than the registration deadline
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